About Us

Joy Christian Radio is a nonprofit organization whose calling and ministry is to spread the Hope of the Gospel to as many people as we can possibly reach around the world via the Internet and closer to home via our terrestrial radio stations.

It started with a humble beginning on January 1, 2000 as our founder, the Rev. Ed Smith presented to his family the dream and vision that would become Joy Christian Radio as they gathered around the dining room table.  From that presentation came the vision and passion to build a radio network as Ed believed God had called him to do.  Since that day, Joy Christian Radio has expanded into the radio network it is today.  Joy Christian Radio owns and operates four FM radio stations, one AM station and three Internet radio stations.  For a list of our radio stations, click HERE.

Joy Christian Radio also is involved with other ministries in our local communities.  Our annual Christmas Card ministry is a tradition that has been ongoing for many years, with volunteers from all over who get together to prepare and distribute Christmas Cards to nursing homes and similar type organizations over the 12 Days of Christmas.  We also sponsor Bible Studies that someone from the radio station teaches.  We sponsor Home School groups, Pro-Life groups.  We plan to organize several community-wide worship services this year as the Lord opens the door.

Joy Christian Radio has a missions heart and passion!  We support missions with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inspiracom (a radio mission along the Mexico / US Border) and Wantak Radio Light (a Papua New Guinea missions radio group); plus several others   We partner with groups such as FEBC and Trans-World Radio in their efforts to spread the Gospel to the world.

Joy Christian Radio reaches into countries all over the world via the Internet.  We have heard from listeners from obscure places such as China and the Ukraine.  We have heard from listeners in the UK, South Africa, Germany, South America, Brazil, Belize and many more.  When you join our family of Sustaining Supporters, you become part of the “life blood” that keeps our stations on the air.   You can sign up to support Joy Christian Radio by clicking HERE.

When you’re out and about, take Joy Christian Radio along!  You can listen here at the website or via the Tune In App on your smartphone or other device.  Now available on your ROKU TV device or anywhere Tune In is available. 

Thanks for visiting our website, and if we can help you, please contact us at the information on the “Contact” page.  Be sure to “like” our Facebook page  HERE. 

We LOVE to hear from listeners and those who view our website!