Fly Like an Eagle!

One of the most inspiring sights in nature is the eagle in flight.  With an endless expanse of blue behind it the eagle spreads its mighty wings and soars majestically and gracefully across the sky.  Free and powerful, totally complete.  Because of this the eagle becomes a symbol for how we’d like to be.  We all want to soar like an eagle in life.  But I wonder if you know how it is an eagle learns to soar?  I am told that there is a particular species of eagle which builds its nest high up on the face of a cliff overlooking the sea.  In this nest the eagle chick is hatched and spends its first days watching its mother come and go, collecting food and bringing it back.   One day, Eagle Mom decides it’s time for her chicks to learn how to fly.  You know how she does it?   She forces her way right into the nest and then pushes her chicks out – right over the edge!  The chick starts plummeting down the cliff-face, terrified, shocked, heart racing, aware that death is just seconds away.  And then something amazing happens.  The chick instinctively stretches out his wings, the plummet becomes a fall, then a gentle rise.  Soon the chick is soaring like its mother.  It’s in that split second of terrifying danger that the chick comes face to face with itself, and face to face with wider reality. In that terrifying moments the chick discovers what it is.  And without that terrifying moment it will never learn to soar.  But, do you know the most amazing part of this story to me?  It is this – as that baby eaglet falls towards the earth, the Mama eagle has her “eagle’s eye” focused fast on that falling chick.  If he gets in the least bit of trouble, Mama, with her powerful wings and incredible ability to soar like a jet plane, swoops down and grabs that baby!  Her “eagle eyes” never leave that baby until he flies.

It’s exactly this way when God teaches us to fly!  God has to shove us out of the nest so that we can stretch our wings and fly to the heights for His glory!  But, sometimes we don’t want to fly!  Sometimes, fear overtakes us and we refuse to stretch our God-given wings and we keep falling, closer and closer to the ground!  Even then, God NEVER takes His “eagle eyes” off us!  You and I are never alone!

Joy Christian Radio was born with this “shove out of the nest” thing back in 2000, and that has never changed!   I often quip that I heard God’s voice instructing me to “take one more step forward” as I stood at the precipice of a cliff looking over at certain death.  I said, “that isn’t God!  He would never tell me to commit suicide!”  But, as I prayed, I became convinced that was indeed the voice of God, so I took that fateful step over the cliff’s edge….and stepped right out onto the back of His Hand.  We’ve been on the back of His Hand ever since, and I wouldn’t go back to the cliff for anything in the world!

On October 24, we took another large step of faith as we signed the paperwork to purchase three additional radio stations to add to our network of stations.  These stations are KELE AM and FM plus KOZX (click HERE for information on our stations).  This marks the very first time that Joy Christian Radio has been able to broadcast all three of our online formats on radio stations in the same market!  It’s a first for Joy Christian Radio, and we’re definitely flying to the heights with this new addition!

We are so very thankful for the many supporters that have helped to make this possible!  If you have ever donated a single dollar to Joy Christian Radio, you have had a part in getting us here!  We are thankful for the people in Mountain Grove area who helped to facilitate this latest acquisition!  So many people have worked together to make this happen!

We do need your help!  Our “bird” is being fueled by the prayers and financial gifts coming from you….our listeners – the best people on planet earth!  As you pray and give, we reach farther and farther into the dark places where people who need the Hope of the Gospel live, work and have families.  Sometimes, it is an overwhelming task to keep all these stations going!  And, sometimes, the support fails at a particular station and we can no longer operate it.  Those are very sad occasions for us.  However, our commitment to build this network never goes away and the effort goes on!  Will you join us?  Help us to keep ALL of our stations on the air….Help us to NEVER have to close another radio station!  We want to grow!  The need for the ministry of Joy Christian Radio has never been greater!  God is using this ministry to touch hearts and change lives with the Hope of the Gospel!  Be part of something BIG for Jesus!  Support Joy Christian Radio!!

Click the support tab at the top of any page to find out ways you can support this ministry!  Help us to keep all these stations on the air….and add other new stations as the Lord makes the way!

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